Central European Association 2015 report

Central European Association.


The Central European Association enjoyed another successful year in 2015 . We now have over 30 resident members living in various countries across Europe and we have also been very pleased to welcome several new members during the year  – some of whom have made a return to ringing after several years absence.


In addition to regular peal weekends during the year the CEA organised two main events for its resident members.    The AGM weekend was held in May at t’klockhuys in Dordrecht and was very well attended. 4 peals and 2 quarter peals were rung together with general ringing for all levels of ringers. Peter Richards rang his first quarter peal on tower bells shortly followed by his first quarter peal inside. A handbell peal of Yorkshire Surprise Major was also rung during the weekend being a first of Surprise in hand for Nicola Bright and a first of Surprise on an inside pair for Harm Jan de Kok.  Secondly, an Autumn meeting was held in November where peals followed by the customary drinking of Port and wine in t’klockhuys made for a very enjoyable weekend! Peals of Bristol and Glasgow Surprise Major were rung and also a peal of Yorkshire Surprise Major on Handbells  at The Postillion Hotel in Dordrecht.



A total of 60 peals were rung for the Association in 2015 of which 17 were on Handbells. One particular peal of note  was rung by a CEA residents band – a peal of Cambridge Surprise Major at Modautal – Brandau (Die Glockli), Germany  on 3 October to mark the 25th Anniversary of German Reunification . 24 quarter peals were also rung  at various locations in The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. Of particular note was a quarter peal of 4 Spliced Surprise Major rung at t’klockhuys and being a first quarter of spliced for Thirza de Kok.


It is a pleasure to report that our two youngest and ‘home grown’ members of the Association , Harm Jan and Thirza de Kok, continue to make tremendous progress with their ringing. Harm Jan has conducted several peals of Surprise major during the year and has recently rung a peal of Bristol Surprise Maximus in the UK.  Thirza can now confidently ring the standard 8 Surprise Major methods and has rung several Surprise Major quarter peals. A great achievement for both.


The CEA continues to welcome many visiting bands from the UK and we are also most grateful for their help and support throughout the year.


Ringing at ‘t klockhuys is by way of appointment only. For enquiries please contact Paul de Kok by email – p.m.dekok@hetnet.nl


Further details can also be found by visiting our web page www.change-ringers.eu/



Margaret Gamble