The Central European Association – Scotland weekend 2014

On a sunny afternoon on the 11th of July, 8 ringers, residents from 3 different countries, using 4 different ways of transport, met in Tulloch. Before starting to ring a lovely lunch was made for us by Brian & Geraldine.

The weekend kicked off in fine style with a peal of 8 Spliced Surprise Major on the superb bells at Tulloch, followed by some cups of tea at the excellent catering facilities of Tulloch Farm. After the refreshments, part of the band drove to Inveraray where we met up with more resident CEA ringers, bringing the number of countries involved up to 5. This evenings venue, as to Inveraray experts won’t be a surprise, was the George Hotel. A lovely meal and some usual drinks were consumed before going to bed relatively early.


The following day was a day most of the band had been looking forward to for at least 18 months. A good breakfast was the start of this memorable day. After a relaxed morning walking around Inveraray, a 42 cwt ring of 10 was the afternoon challenge. Before we could start the peal the sound control and stabilisers had to be taken care of, and during which we also discovered that the rope on the 9th was about to break! so after quickly replacing the rope we were ready to start. A peal of Grandsire Caters was scored in a fine style and came round after 3hrs and 34 mins.

After the peal everybody was ready for some beers so we went back to The George. A few pints later it was decided to have a cultural excursion, so under the supervision of Clive most of us left the pub to go and investigate the whisky shop across the road! After coming back with some extra supplies for home, we all met up in the pub again for a few more pre dinner pints. The dinner in The George was superb ,and as tonight NO early night was required, after the meal and a few more beers and socialising, the extensive selection of whiskies in The George was tested…

The next day most of us had to leave early to catch there plane, ferry or train back home again. So after an ‘early’ breakfast we left for home again after a great weekend of ringing and socialising.

I would like to thank Brian and all others involved in the organising and conducting for this great weekend out!

Harm Jan

Sounds like a lot of pints.Editor.

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