Minutes of the AGM


31st May 2014

Attended by: Paul de Kok, Harm Jan de Kok, Margaret Gamble, David Ockwell, Eric Trumpler, Brian Diserens, Geraldine Diserens, Rodney Yeates, Mike Trimm, Graham Scott, Clive Smith, Elizabeth Mason, Peter Mason,





  1. Welcome all to AGM and Appointment of Association Secretary – Margaret Gamble

Proposed by Paul de Kok

Agreed by those present


  1. Web Master – Harm Jan to research and set up a new updated CEA website. Website to include news items, reports, peal and ringing stats, photos and contact details for officers of the society. Aim to raise awareness of the Association in the ringing community.


  1. Rules of the CEA. Paul de Kok and David Ockwell to review the aims and rules (membership requirements etc) and update where appropriate. Action before next AGM.


  1. Ringing Master Report – Eric Trumpler . Expressed thanks to Paul de Kok for hosting the AGM once again and for making all the excellent arrangements to enable the weekend to be such a success. Thanks were also given to Brian Diserens for arranging Society peal weekends in the UK during which peals were scored on 10 bells. One peal of special note for the year was Cathy Ockwell’s first peal rung at Dordrecht on 30 November 2013. Cathy learnt to ring in Dordrecht so it was fitting that she could return from University to ring her first peal with the Society. It was suggested that the Society should consider a handbell visit to Switzerland once a year to enable members there to have the opportunity of more advanced practice and peal opportunities. Eric also suggested the possible loan of the handbells to Monica for learner sessions/ opportunity to attract new learners. Thanks were given to David Ockwell for his duties as Treasurer of the Society.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – David Ockwell. The accounts were presented and agreed with thanks to auditors Mike and Elizabeth who will continue to audit accounts for the coming year. It was agreed to keep membership rates the same for the coming year. Suggestions to use excess funds for a peal board and also to consider a possible recast of the Glockli in the future were discussed. The cost of timber for boxing in the Glockli was approved – Brian to action.


  1. President’s report – Paul de Kok. Paul thanked members for their continued support to the CEA with continued progress being made both in hand and tower bell ringing. A discussion followed on the best way to attract new members to the society. Public relations could be addressed – ideas suggested included producing brochures to advertise the society and raise awareness, and to try and get local recruits though it was agreed that this was difficult. Any suggestions/ideas welcome. To be further discussed. The setting up of a new webpage would hopefully address some issues – actioned above.


  1. Dates for the diary. Society peal weekend 28/30 November.  ASCY weekend at Dordrecht 20/9/14. Next year’s AGM to be held on the Ascension holiday weekend – 14/17 May.


End of meeting – time for Port.

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