First peal on the augmented Glöckli.

Central European Association
Modautal-Brandau, Germany
Die Glöckli
Saturday, 20 March 2010 in 2h 22 (22lbs)
5184 Brandau Surprise Major
D F Morrison
1 Harm Jan A de Kok (NL)
2 Brian P Diserens (D)
3 Michael J Trimm (D)
4 Paul M de Kok (NL)
5 Eric R Trumpler (D)
6 David C Ockwell (NL)
7 Graham N Scott (F)
8 Clive G Smith (B) (C)
The first peal on the augmented ring, with thanks to Tony Parry for kindly donating the bells to the association.

By a resident band.
First peal in the method: x5x4.;8

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